Used Yarn Testing Equipment 


Skein gauges, W.I.R.A. Graphing Balance. also a modern computerised version with digital balance. HATRA crimp rigidity tester, Gaydon yarn length tester precision yarn cutter from 50mm to 1 metre, Starch refractometer. Elkometer. Hand operated cone winder. Mesdan & Cooks knotters. Minathon & Cel noise level meters. Braun stroboscopic rev. counter. Rotronic digital hygroscope. Rothchild static voltmeter R-1020, Yarn length measurers. Traveller removers and inserters Bracker Girl, Boy & Eadie Bros. Quadrant balances, Various thermohygrographs and thermographs, digital temperature recorders, new and used thermometers. Shirley tube test apparatus, Universal yarn assorting balance. Smiths tachometers, Densimeters, Assman, Cambridge and Whirling hygrometers.


Sample Spinning, Carding draw frames


Yarn Apperance

Hairiness testers

Yarn Tension meters

Moisture Meters


Twist testers

Count testing

Yarn strength

Yarn friction


HATRA Crimp Rigidity Tester

Various knitting machines

Murata mach mini winder

Testrite yarn shrinkage.

Used Uster Levelness testers used see Fibre testing, New ILE levelness testers, Etx levelness. Uster classimat one (spares also) and Classimat 2.

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