Used Tensile Testers 


We have a large number of used tensile and compression machines in stock UK. Spares and repairs are available for most UK machines.

Used tensile strength / compression testers

Heals Titan with pc and software

Testometric Micro 250

Hounsfield H5000M 500N load cell with pc

Zwick 1435

Instron 4464

Instron 1011

Instron 1161 digital readout

Instron 1026 s

Lots of Instron spares carried eg. load cells and grips etc.

Simple electronic, variable speed 0 - 5 kgs

Testometric 500N

Yarn and fibre strength testers available. 





Spare parts and consumables
Instron 1026 all parts in stock. Graph paper 3710-013 pens, gears etc.
Graph paper 3710-006
Testometric Grips available
Instron, various grips, even hydraulic grips and pump.
Tinius Olsen grips
Calibration available on all tensile testers.

These tensile testing instruments / tensometers are mainly from companies that have used them for cloth strength tests, seam slippage testing and the like. However they remain suitable for a variety of uses either as tension testers, or compression testers in a wide industrial field.


Testometric Micro 350 

Used Testometrics in stock, we also provide spares /calibrations and repair on Testometrics..

We also havea Micro 250 in stock (single column.)