Incubators Used
Good stock of incubators, some ovens and vacuum ovens
Used Incubators 
Hereaus CO2 incubator
Gallenkamp size 3

Int dims610 x 510 x 770mm glass door , fan, 240 litres GBP£595
Small Phillip Harris incubator.

Lab Ovens

New and Used laboratory ovens, laboratory incubators, industrial ovens, curing ovens and drying ovens.

Used laboratory Ovens 
Carbolite PF 30 Fan, digital control and temp. display. £650
Camlab Oven
Gallenkamp BR185Hoven
Gallenkamp vacuum oven
Dual purpose lab. ovens/incubators
Water baths
Cooled incubators
Drying and warming cabinets
New General Purpose laboratory Ovens


Equiptex Oven

〉10 sizes 6 to 200 litres

⟩Temperature range: 40 to 250C

〉 Fluctuation +/- 0.75C

⟩Easy clean powder coated body (fan circulated models)

〉Aluminium coated mild steel chamber

⟩Direct reading thermostat

⟩Display Safety overheat thermostat

⟩Horizontal style from 75 litres

〉Full two year warranty

〉C.E Compliant



〉 Stainless Steel Chamber

〉Fan circulation (30 litre +)

⟩Microprocessor digital controller

Full two year warranty Other accessories available onRequest

 Prices from £ 565 …New 18 litre oven or incubator !