Fibre Fineness, Fibre Micronaire  

Cotton, Synthetic, Wool ,fibre testing in stock

Spinlab Fibrosampler. Roving reels Rapid Oil extractors 1,2, or three heads ( all spares and repairs for older types). SDL fibre blender.  
Kes Kato Single hair bending tester
Mathis wool felting tester.

Mahlo textometer. Interfacial torsion balance. W.I.R.A electrical Hygrometer. Microscopes, various old types in stock, cheap new ones also available. Fibre balances

Shirley sliver trash analyser

W.I.R.A. auto blend analyser.

Used cotton Fibre testing

Nep counters/Sliver examination machines Toennissen and WIRA

Resistiro rex cotton roving Levelness tester.
Fibre Fineness

Fibre Strength

Driers (Regain)

Uster Slubbing supervisor (Card roving Levelness, optical)

Fibre Length

SDL Fibre diagram machine with pc

Peyer Almeter Texlab System 2200 with AL100 digital measuring head

Computer conversion and software for most evenness testers. . USTER UT1s & UT3s

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We are one of the leading and most trusted brands in the Textile Industry. We have sold textile machinery to some of the largest companies in the world, including; Adidas, Warner Bros Studios, Disney, Nike, Regatta, Burton, Topman and many many more