Kes Kato single fibre bending tester


Easy measuring and quantification of hair softness, flexibility and difference in volume, even for a single hair. By measuring the resistance (rigidity) and recovery of a hair when bent, this testing device quantifies hair softness, flexibility, and difference in volume.
It saves the trouble of preparing samples, because it only requires one hair for an easy measurement.


Single Hair Bending Tester

By adopting the Torsion Wire Torque Detection System, it catches the twisting moment that is detectable by the touch of a finger in a minute area. It also records high-quality data, which can then be correlated with sensory assessments.
Also, its ease of measurement eliminates measuring errors caused by users. The maximum detectable sensitivity of twist moment is 0.04mg•cm, and it has a super-accurate measuring range corresponding up to 1g•cm at full-scale.

Dimensions/Weight Measuring Unit: 270 (W) x 320 (D) x 650 (H)mm/20kg
Electronic unit: 420 (W) x 300 (D) x 240 (H)mm/10kg
Power source Single-phase 100V 60Hz/50Hz
Torque detection (Bending moment)
  • Torque detection machine: The twist detection system of a steel wire
  • Torque sensitivity: Full scale 20g·cm and 50g·cm Sensitivity can be increased 5 times with a multipliers switch. That is, the two above-mentioned ranges become 4g·cm and 10g·cm, respectively.
  • Accuracy: 0.2% at full-scale. nonlinear nature is all measurement ranges and is 0.2% or less.
  • Torque calibration: Proofreading equipment is attached
  • Output voltage: full-scale 10V DC
  • Output impedance: 100
  • Output load resistance: More than 5k
Curvature detection
  • Curvature detector : Potentiometer
  • Accuracy : ±0.2% at full-scale , Nonlinear nature is ±2% of measured value.
  • Output voltage : In curvature K=1 , 0.5V Proportionality System
  • Output impedance : A maximum of 10kΩ
  • Output load resistance : 5kΩ or more is required.
  • The maximum curvature : K=±2.5cm-1
  • Curvature calibration : With a scale board for calibration
Specimen size Space between clamps : 1cm /maximum 10cm
Amplifier drift Output voltage drift / 10mV/mm or less
Measuring condition 20-30/50-70% RH.
Avoid dew condensation. Keep conditions stable.
(Standard conditions: 20±5/65%±5 RH)
Mechanical units Measuring unit
Electronic unit