Fabric / Cloth inspection Machines  


Used For: Checking Lengths & quality of incoming and outgoing fabrics.

User friendly: Simple and easy to install, portable with easy loading. Foot pedal and gearable motor offer slow examination without strain.

Economical: It will fit on most tables or counters. Affordably priced. Collapsible for storage and transport.

Accurate twin wheel measuring meter with reset and instant brake.

Efficient: Variable speed control for better fabric examination. Reversible drive for face in or face out rolling.

Handles up to 45cm (18in) diameter rolls. Standard 3 drive bars

Fast: from "inching" up to 50 meters per minute



Model IM                                                                          Model M

Handles up to 45cms (18in) Diameter rolls.                Twin wheel counter.

Flourescent twin tube under-lighting                              Check brake for instant stopping

Variable speed control - up to 50 meters                       Variable speed control - up to 50 meters per minute

1.25 in andonized aluminium tube.                                polished andonised aluminium.

3 drive bars for usual cardboard tube sizes                 Collapsabile for easy storage

Accurate twinwheel measuring meter with reset        Cardboard tube driven full width rolling bar with spring

level and instant brake.                                                    clips. Direction of drive is reversible by means of switch so

Geared motor offers slow examining without              that the cloth may be rolled either face in or face out

strain. Straight edge controller


Fabric cloth inspection machine, model M


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