Used Fabric/ Cloth Testing Equipment


SIRO Fast System,

Perspirometer / Perspiration testers to DIN 54005, BS 1006, AATCC 15, 106, 107, ISO 105 E01 / E02 / E04, DIN EN ISO 105 E01 / E02 / E04, M& S C6, C7, NEXT TM4. 

Accelorotor Viewer

Elmendorf tear testers to BS 4253, ASTM D1424, BS 3424, NEXT 17, M&S P29, BSEN ISO 13937, BS 4468.

 Rhoburn flammability tester & Shirley Flammability Testers: BS 5438 ( 2A, 2B) 5722 / 5867 - 2 / 6341, BS EN 532,1101,1102, 1103,13772, / BS / EN / ISO / 6940, 6941, 15025 GB / T 5456, 8746.

Atlas HMV horizontal flammability tester M233F. BS AU 1690, FMVSS 302, JIS D S 1201, SAE J369, ASTM, D5 132. Automatic gas control system available.

Verivide garment viewer

Colour Matching

B & Wise G11 automatic Transfer printing press

Fusing press.

Kawabata System

 HATRA Stitch length tester

Cusick Drape tester.

WIRA Steam cylinders with steam generators

Atlas bean bag snag tester.

Jamalite garment inspection

Flex abrasion scrub tester (Coated fabrics)

Bullmer werk conter press

Atlas accelorotor

Heals pneumatic press

Cloth Gimpers, 12" to 36" motorised and hand.

Nova Sina Digital Temperature and humidity meters.

Tagging guns with spares.

Schildknecht flextester.

Taper line gratings.

Qualitymaster plus mobile quality control for Half hose, panty hose and tights .

Heraeus Fixotest and Roaches thermofix Sublimation,

UV. Lights

grey scales

Vacuum oven.



Trumetre cloth measurement

Hydrostatic head testers

Electrostatic Locator

fabric stiffness

HATRA Lateral stretch device

HATRA VB knock-over depth gauge.


Elmatear digital

Fryma. To standards BS 4294.

Scorch fastness Testers

 L & M Sewability

 K-Bar printer

Thickness Gauges. To standards ISO 1765, BS 4051, BS 4098, BS 4223.

Air permeability. 

Light cabinets ; SpectraLight , Judge 2. Verivide also available.Garment viewers ,

GM General Motors fabric recovery tester.

Crease recovery tester  To Stadards AATCC 66, BS EN 22313, M&S P22, ISO 2313, GB-T 3819.

Seam slippage etc. see Tensile testers

Light fastness testers

Quickwash & Quickview


Cloth Thickness Testers


Kawabata System

Rain testers etc.

Martindales Abrasion and wear testers etc.

I.C.I. Pilling boxes also new

Ovens or Incubators, rapid drying and normal.Vindon environmental chamber

Crimp length testers

Wascator FOM 71MP or CLS .

Wash wheels; SDC. Linitest, Atlas Launderometer, Roaches Washtec, Heals Gyrowash, SDL Rotawash.

Burst strength testers

Heals Accudry and precision tumble dryer

Hoovermatic twin tub washing machines.Print Durability.

Softness Tester

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