Equiptex Levelness Tester

The " Equiptex Levelness System" should revolutionise evenness testing.
It will update your old evenness tester GGP, UT1, UT2, UT3,(click for used page) to the latest technology available and at the fraction of the cost of a new machine because it utilises your old measuring head.

The advent of the Pentium processor has made all this possible.

Where previously the measuring heads were connected to integrators, spectrographs, imperfection indicators and two graph recorders . We can now provide you with a computer and a printer to link to your old measuring head and dispose of all the rest.

Our unit can be connected to the old GGP’s , UT1’s, UT2’s and UT3’s ! updating all their outputs using the latest software to print out the results on your own personalised report sheet via a high speed printer.

This new software can now give you a graphic depiction of thick and thin places.

Once you have chosen the size of fault you wish to record the software will even show you how long each thick and thin place was and even how much it varied from the average.

You can now type your own Lot, Machine and style characters and have your company or factory name in the header. The time and date of the test is automatically recorded as well as the running time the test.

All the results can now be saved and entered into the customers own database.

This database can also be used for all the customers other tests.

As time goes on and spares decline, the repair and maintenance and mess (pen and ink) of the old add- ons becomes more expensive. All this can now be done away with. We will provide you with all the spares and maintenance your unit requires, ( even if you don’t upgrade).

Uster Tester 4/m, Uster Tester3 / Equiptex DS 65






Feature Comparison table

                                                    Uster 4,             SE Uster SX              Uster 3             Etx level

Simultaneous Imperfection

Measurement                                 YES                 YES                          YES                 YES

High resolution Spectrogram            YES                YES                           NO                   YES*

Long term data archiving                  NO                  YES                           NO                   YES

*High/low res. diagram chart             NO                 YES                           NO                   YES *2

** Uster Qualiprofile                         NO                  YES                           NO                   NO

(quality at a glance)

Automatic percentile ranking w/in

Uster statistics                                NO                 YES                           NO                    NO

Variable test speeds                        YES               YES                          YES                   YES

Automated sensor selector               NO                YES                           NO                     NO

(Error reduction)

Labour saving automation                 YES               YES                          YES                    YES *3


Spectrogram analysis

(Fault finding guidance)                     NO                 YES                         NO                       YES*4

Print exceptions only- capability        YES               YES                         NO                       YES

Colour data Output                           YES               YES                         NO                       YES

Yarn hairiness measurement             YES               YES                         YES                     YES

Knowledge basic software inc.           NO                 YES                         NO                         ?

yarn boards, knits & weaves             NO                  YES                         NO                        NO

* Not dependant upon pre determined resolution of original sample. Can be selected and changed at any time after the test.

** Available soon for the Uster Tester 4SX

* I will advise via telephone

*2 programmer advises no problems

*3 When connected to UT11

*4 Available from ITT

Contact Info

Phone: 00 44 (0)1274 831000
Fax:      00 44 (0)1274 831111
Address: Bronte Works Sapgate Lane, Thornton, Bradford, BD13 3HD
E-mail: Mail @ equiptex.com
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Our Customers

We are one of the leading and most trusted brands in the Textile Industry. We have sold textile machinery to some of the largest companies in the world, including; Adidas, Warner Bros Studios, Disney, Nike, Regatta, Burton, Topman and many many more