Sample Dyeing Equipment 


Lab. Laboratory dyeing machinery

Easydye Ahiba / datacolor / Salvis I R

Sample Zimmer Table Printer - MDK 147

Werner Mathis steamer

Mathis colorstar (k)

Cubotex 2 yarn pack dyer

Ahiba Nuance

⟨Roaches Steamer

RK Lab. Coater

Roaches sample Jets

Benz sample jig

Hach COD reactor

Mathis JFL (1996) HT sample mini jet with dosing pump.

Datacolor Spectraflash SF 500 with p.c.

Datacolor SF 600

Pegg 400mm winch

Sock knitting machines motorised and hand.

Roaches Fuset

Jeffreys vertical free standing, vertical pad thermosol unit

Roaches pyrotech S infra red twin bath sample dyers

Roaches twin bath rotadyer. Glycol and fluid bed.

Zeltex AG polycolor 50 prog. Mem.

Fostoria infra red Drying oven ( continuous ?)

Roaches Flash Ager (steamer)

Roaches DK machine, single bath

Roaches bench top sample pad.

Roaches Rotohose

Smiths vertical free standing sample pad

John Jeffreys Dyemaster, both atmospheric and pressurised.

Spare sample and tube holders also available for the above second hand and new.

Jeffreys Rotadyer single bath. with polypropylene and stainless pots spares available.

'Equiptex' sample free standing variable speed side paddle approx 80 litres electric heated. Various other side paddles, Pegg , steam heated 100 - 200 litres approx.

Pegg Sample beam 55" wide over perforations with controller.

Various atmospheric hank dyeing machines 1, 5, 10 and 30kg approx.

Sample winch free standing

Longclose pressurised singlepack or loose stock dyer.

Pegg single package dyer

Sample paddles 25 and 40 gallons.

Sample Pad Dyers

Small hank dryer stainless cabinet with variable electric heating.. .

Greaves sample mixers.

Digital & analogue Brookfield viscometers

C.S/Macbeth. Colour matching spectrophotometerwith P.C. 20/20+New software available.SF500

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