Used Digital Scales / Balances 

Used Digital scales in UK & Used Digital Balances


Torsion Balances

Mettler PB602                                     610g x 0.01g                                       £299

Printer for above                                 £ 95

Mettler PC4400    delta range 4400 x .1g & 400..01gm                                                                                 

Snug 11-150                                        150g x 0.005gm                                  £225

Mettler SM15X,AS NEW                                 15000g x 1g,  stainless steel large pan

322 x 232mm remote readout                                                                       £395   

Mettler PG 503                                    500g x 0.001                                       £ 750

Mettler PR802                                     805 x 0.01g                                         £395  Printer extra

Oxford                                                 200g x 0.0001g                                   £599

Sartorius BL6                                      6kg x 1g                                               £145

Scaltec 5BA53                                    620g x 0.01g                                       £245

Sartorius L2200P                                2200g x 0.01g                                     £355

Sartorius 1209mp                               600g x 0.01g                                       £145

Sartorius LC820                                  820g x 0.01g                                       £265

Sartorius BP 3100P                            3100g x 0.01g                                     £395

Sartorius BL150                                  150g x 0.01g                                       £220

As above with data interface and cable                                                          £200

Sartorius 1702                                                200g x 0.1mg                                      £595

Sartorius BP3100P                             3,100 x 0.01g                                      £595

Sartorius LC62015                              6,200gx 0.01gm                                 

Precisa BC 2200                                2,200GM X 0.01g                                £595

Sartorious PT600                                600g x 0.1gm                                      £95

Ohaus GT400 programmable                        400g x 0.01g                                       £300

Ohaus  Navigator  N20330    batteries.       32G x 0.002g                              £299




Sartorious analytical BA 61                 60g x 0.0001g                                     £695

Mettler PE3600                                   3.6kg  x0.01g                                       £495

Mettler AE160    with RS232 interface            200g x .1mg                            £720

Avery 3359                                          15kg x 5 g                                            £135

Turier System2x                                  5kg x 5gms                                         £ 95

Mettler BB30                                       30kgs x 5g and 10 g                            £ 345

Mettler BBA439                                   30kgs x 5g and 10 g                           £ 345

Mettler Tbrick 32

Sartorius IP65                                     15kgs x 1gm                                      £ 299

Sartorius bp16000-s                           16kgs x .1g                                          £ 445

Sartorius bp16000

Mettler Toledo Scale 2185,                  100kg x .05kg

8142 indicator, mounted conveyor                                                                  £750

Mettler SM15x                                     15kg x 1g                                             £275

We also stock new balances e.g. A & D 200g x 0.01g                                   £285

300g       x 0.01g                                 £295

                                                                 100g x 0.01g                                  £199 7cm dia pan

                                                            210 gm x 0.001g                                 £ 895




New 3kg balance by .1g                                                                                  £245

Used Heals portable cloth balance with templates                                        £ 195

Yarn count balance, boxed with templates                                                     £245

Boxes of weights, from £25



Mettler H8  0.001gm                                                    £ 195

Mettler H35 0.0001gm                                     £ 265

We also stock new balances / digital scales e.g.


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