Light Cabinet

To standards BS 950, DIN 6173, M&S, C1, C2. NEXT COLOUR ASSESMENT

Light Box, Viewing Booth, Light Booth, Viewing Box, Colour Cabinets, and are used within a wide array of industry sectors throughout the world including Textile, Graphics, Automotive, Ceramics, Cosmetics, Food, Footwear, Packaging and Printing. VeriVide light cabinets provide the most accurate light cabinet for visual assessment of fabrics, garment or cloth, textiles and most products, Light booth with D65 lamp, artificial daylight is unbeatable. Light boxes have other lamps; TL83, TL84 or TL84 P15. Cabinets come with four or five light sources. UV and tungsten are normally standard. CWF or cool white fluorescent is another new option.

Dimensions (mm) CAC 150/120 light cabinet

CAC 150 Width Height Depth cac 120 light cabinet
Overall 1560 780 620
Viewing Cavity 1520 570 590
CAC 120      
Overall 1300 780 620
Viewing Cavity 1260 570 590

Switch Identification
01 Mains on/off
D65 VeriVide "Artificial Daylight" Fluorescent lamps conforming to the international Standard Illuminant D6500 within the tolerances prescribed in BS 950:Part 1.
D652 Additional level of "Artificial Daylight" for colours of low reflectance factor. Switches D65 and D652 must be depressed together.
Philips Triphosphor fluorescent lamps often chosen as a "Point of Sale" illuminant.
F Tungsten Filament lighting required by BS 950:Part 1 as a test for metamerism. (CIE Illuminant 'A').
UV Ultra Violet Blacklight to reveal the presence of fluorescent dyes and bleaches.
  Alternative fluorescent lamps can be incorporated if required but three fluorescent light sources plus filament is the maximum for the CAC150, CAC120 and CAC60. The CAC Portable can be supplied with the addition of one extra fluorescent source selected from the following: D75, D50, TL83, TL84, Cool White, Natural, Warm White.
  When ordering, please state which lamps are required.




Dimensions (mm) CAC 60   light cabinet  packed weight 25.45kg
  Width Height Depth cac 60 light cabinet
Overall 710 570 420
Viewing Cavity 680 360 380

Dimensions (mm) Portable
  Width Height Depth portable light cabinet
Overall 670 415 310
Viewing Cavity 630 275 280
Closed 670 315 140
Product Order Codes
CAC 150/120/60
CAC 120/60
Plus addition of one extra Fluorescent Source

Cabinet Interior
All cabinets are normally supplied with the interior coloured grey Ref: 14.40D ( 5574 )but they can be supplied with an alternative, Munsell grey N5, N7,if this preference is specified on order


Technical details

Other Optional Items

Diffusers are available for the CAC 60, 120 and 150 cabinets, but should be used only when highly specular materials are to be assessed. Add/D to product order code. Tilting table, to fit the CAC 60, used in testing for metallic metamerism i.e. vehicle finishing, surface coating, metallic foil manufacture. Add /TT to product order code. 45o Fixed Angle Table to fit the CAC 60 cabinet. Add /T45 to product order code.

Every effort is made to keep within the tolerances of BS950.

Used light cabinet SBS 150 2 + stand


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